Community Commitment

The businesses that make up the Marcellus Shale Committee are committed to creating strong working relationships with property owners, neighbors and communities, and do so through a variety of contributions and partnerships targeted to meet local needs.

The thousands of people who work to safely develop natural gas wells in Pennsylvania are also neighbors. They're active in their communities and schools and volunteer their time and skills to have a positive influence right where they live.

Though the development of natural gas from the Marcellus Shale remains in its very early stages, member companies have already committed significant funding and resources to support organizations throughout Pennsylvania. It starts with a dialogue to better understand local priorities and create strategies for investment and improvement.

A number of Marcellus Shale Committee members have targeted contributions to education, including scholarships and mentoring programs, in the communities where they do business. These include direct financial aid for deserving students, participation in career fairs and class lectures, donations of computers and educational tours of well drilling locations. Member companies are also working with local colleges to attract students to potential careers in the oil and gas field and develop the most effective curricula to help make those students "job-ready" upon graduation.

Committee members are also supporting local fire departments and emergency responders, ranging from financial contributions to specialized training programs. Companies have invested more than $15,000 to sponsor training programs in a number of counties across the state, with upcoming training focused on pipeline and gas transmission safety. Meetings are continuing between natural gas developers and local and county organizations to ensure volunteer fire companies and emergency management agencies are properly trained on gas drilling operations, with plans for additional investments in equipment and materials.

Finally, members of the Marcellus Shale Committee contribute to local events and organizations that improve the quality of life in a number of communities. These include community festivals, road races, United Way organizations and others that meet the needs of area residents. They participate in chambers of commerce and civic organizations to support other local businesses, and work with government officials on economic development programs.

As gas drilling in the Marcellus formation develops in the coming years, members of the committee will continue working to make Pennsylvania's communities stronger, and better places to live and work.